1968 Mooney M20g aircraft

The M20g was only produced for a few years, until mooney was sold to another company, who reduced the model count for simplicity.

Just like the M20f and 201 owners, M20g owners are very happy with the additional cabin volume, passenger legroom and window area of their airplanes!

This m20g, unfortunately had a gear retracted landing. This is not uncommon, as the mooney has an irratating habit of requiring the pilot to lower the landing gear on every landing!! As happens in these cases, the damage to the airframe is to the belly skins , which on this aircraft are actually several individual flat skins that are screwed in place (for easy access during inspections), not riveted on, as are a Piper or Cessna. This makes replacement a much easier affair, of course, and the panels themselves can be sourced used, or even fabricated new out of flat stock!! In this case, several antennas were mounted on the belly, which helped to keep the belly skins off the pavement to a degree, and resulted in less damage than is normally seen in a mooney gear up landing! For instance, the inboard flap hinges hangdown low on this type airplane, therefore are generally worn off on the bottom edge, requiring riviting work to the wing structure and to each flap. On this airplane, none of the hangers is scraped at all, so no wing damage in this are and no flap damage!

Underneath each of the belly skin joints is some type of a support member, usually just a sheet metal rib. Due to the lighter than average belly scrape, it appears that only the far forward rib may have taken any scraping damage, and may be able to be easily patched/reinforced without even requiring replacement, and the balance of the support ribs do not appear to be scraped, just the screw on skins!! Both nose gear doors have light scraping damage, but neither is destroyed. There does not seem to be any scraping to the bottom of the retractable step, which makes sense, who extends the step but not the gear!! And guess what? there is no othr damage to this complete airframe!!!!!! Sure, the propellor was wrecked, and the engine therefore suffered a prop strike, so these two damaged items were removed, and are not included here.

But they were unbolted, not cut out, and all of the electrical wires, including starter cables are intact, fuel lines and oil lines are intact, throttle and mixture canbles and fittings are intact, etc., etc.! The undamaged engine mount is installed and included, ready for your engine choice!

The airframe itself, from the undamaged cowling and cowl flaps, to the undamaged firewall and bootcowl, to the cabin doors and windshield/side windows are all undamaged! The wing structure and skins, spars, flap and aileron are all undamaged! All 3 landing gear, and the main gear doors, are undamaged! The tailcone and tail feathers are undamaged!

Good interior, with decent plastics, presents well! All flight and engine instrumentation is included, as are switchgear and circuit protection.

Avionics include:

  • Audio panel with marker beacons, narco nav with narco hsi indicator
  • 760 channel comm
  • King kt-76a transponder with encoder
  • (tray is installed and wired for a 2nd narco navcom, but the unit is not installed/included)
  • This aircraft also has several speed mods, including:
  • Lasar flap gap seals
  • Lasar aileron gap seals
  • Lasar cowl closure mod
  • As well as front seat shoulder harnesses, led landing light, 1 piece windshield, etc.

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