1973 Cessna 150L, Always Hangered,6122 TTSF, 918SMOH,  A SOLID AIRPLANE, STRUCTURALLY SOUND & THE ENGINE is really smooth, Very Beautiful airplane, has been stripped to bare aluminum & zinc chromated & painted last year (NASON ACRYLIC ENAMEL) all stars were painted on , no Decals, corrosion x, flys Straight & strong, has low oil warning buzzer, flightcom 2SX voice activated intercom, push to talk button is on the yoke, spin on oil filter, all compression in the 70s, Narco AT50A-TSO, 300 COM, 300 NAV, Belly strobe, Verticle Red flasher beacon, Tail light, landing light is in the nose, and this model has the pretty tubular steel landing gear legs with fairings, shoulder Harnesses, Auto Fuel STC (Non Ethanol) 100 Fuel is all that’s been used in it, , Carb Temp iceing detector, Exhaust Temp, Has primer in the carb, Heated pitot

Location: Blountsville, Alabama, United States

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