2014 Aerotrek A220 light sport aircraft

The aerotrek is a 2 seat, side by side, conventional gear (taildragger) aircraft, factory built by an experienced aircraft company and distributed by aerotrek in indiana!

Although this aircraft has a “piper cub” look, it is a modern iteration, with side by side seating, easily folding wings, a lightweight, high horsepower rotax 4 stroke 100 h.p. Engine, modern dash and controls, modern systems, and very modern avionics!

This aircraft has only 265 hours total time since new on the airframe, rotax engine and woodcomp propellor. The Rotax has a factory recommended overhaul t.b.o. At 2,000 hours, so almost 90% of the engine life remains!

This is a good looking airplane, in “cub” yellow with black striping and registration numbers.

Unfortunately, this airplane suffered light damage when the right brake locked on landing, allowing the airplane to depart the runway to the right. As a result, the left wing leading edge outboard and left gear leg hit obsticles off the side of the runway, and damage occurred.

Luckily, the aircraft did not nose or flip over, so there is no overall damage to this airplane!

Damage is to the fuselage tubing on the left fuselage at the gear leg attachment.

The gear leg itself, including the wheel and brake, do not show any obvious damage.

The left wing leading edge outboard has a tear and wrinkling, and the fiberglass tip is cracked as well. As you can see, the 2 outboard ribs are damaged. The balance of the wing does not show any damage, the “wrinkling in the lower fabric skin is just sag from the tip area damage.

This left wing will require sheet metal repair.

One tube is broken at a junction on the left fuselage, and 2 others that join up with it at this cluster are bent. This is what allowed the gear lef to tip aft slightly.

The windshild and skylight plexiglas are both broken/cracked, possibly due to the shock of the wing impact.

The wing attachment points and supports front and rear do not appear damaged or moved, but the small diameter tubing that runs fore and aft in the overhead are slightly curved (evenly on both sides, so this may be by design and not a bend). We have included a photo of these small tubes.

And those are the extent of the airframe damages to this neat airplane!

The woodcomp 3 blade propellor has, you guessed it, composite covered wood blades, bolted to a simple hub.

One of these blades has a nick on one tip and a crack through the coating. I don’t know if this is repairable damage, but if not, this blade can be easily replaced in the hub in 10 minutes, the hub and 2 other blades do not require repair or replacement.

  • The 100 h.p. Rotax 912uls has the same 265 hours since brand new as the airframe, and has no damage!
  • Also no damage to the cowlings upper and lower, the firewall or engine mount!
  • No damage to the right wing, aileron or tip!
  • (no damage to the left aileron either).
  • All of the lights are modern led units, and even the left tip light is undamaged.
  • No damage to the tail or tail feathers
  • No damage to the tailwheel assembly or attachment.
  • No damage to the right gear or either of the disc wheel and brake assemblies.
  • The interior is as perfect as it should be. Shoulder harness seatbelts, of course!
  • The dash has everything you need, and more!
  • Digital 760 channel com
  • Digital mode s transponder
  • Ps engineering pm 1000 intercom system
  • Eis 4000 engine instrumentation system
  • Uavionics echo adsb sytem
  • Blaze digital altimeter
  • Dynon d6 efis, with remote compass module
  • Nothing has been removed, this is a complete airplane from spinner to tail!
  • The fiberglass main wheelpants have cracks in them, but no hunks missing, so they are included and will readily repair!

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