Selling One 1955 Grumman Albatross HU16C. This aircraft was one of the pick of the litter back in the beginning of the Civilian Albatross era in the 1980’s. Restoration was started on it, but the previous owner lost interest soon after the project started. This fuselage comes with: One Overhauled Zero-Time Engine, Two Overhauled Zero-Time Propellers, Full Set of Flight Controls recovered in the late 80’s, stored indoors. Fuselage comes with complete military records. The Engine was overhauled by Stewart Davis in the 80’s for the Spanish Airforce. The Engine is lacking paperwork, but owner will provide affidavit for the engine history and also the propellers. ┬áLanding gear rebuilt, probably needs to be redone. This is a tri-amphibian aircraft, configured to land on water or ice and snow. The previous customer wanted to have it outfitted for Arctic use. The aircraft comes with the ski equipment. Almost everything is here to put this aircraft together. Needs lots of love, labor, and cash.

Tucson, Arizona, United States