The 1947 globe swift is an airplane that looks fast even standing still!

The first gb-1a’s were 85 h.p. The upgraded gb-1b’s, like this one, had 125 h.p. Many engine upgrades have been tried (the 145 h.p. C-145 is probably the most common), but a few, enamored with the look (and excellent handling qualities) of the swift want more! The “super swift” moniker is attached to those airplanes with 180 h.p. Lycoming or 210 h.p. Continental 6 cylinder engines.

This “super swift has a fuel injected 180 h.p. Lycoming engine, a Hartzell constant speed prop, and many, many appearance and performance enhancing upgrades. And it looks fantastic!

The red paint is set off with a stylized swift on the cowl and a full length stripe of clear polished aluminum skin, and a grey accent strip that accents that! The leading edges of the wings and tail have the same polished aluminum band! This is a very eye-catching and memorable presentation, and this aircraft catches your gaze and keeps it!

If you are familiar with the swift, or a fan (does that make you a “swifty”?), you already probably know more about them than i do, so i will just get down to the nitty gritty:

  • Fuel injected lycoming engine installation with constant speed Hartzell prop
  • 2 wing fuel tanks of 12.4 gallons each installed in addition to the factory 26 gallons, for 50.8 gallons onboard!
  • Stick conversion!
  • Gross weight increase to 1970 lbs
  • Fiberglass nosebowl conversion with cowl flap
  • 1 piece bubble windshield
  • 150 seats
  • P51 style gear doors
  • Gear and wheel-well closure fairings
  • Wing slot closure
  • Cleveland wheels and brakes
  • Whelen strobes
  • Hyd system pressure increase and honda hyd pump upgrade
  • Blade pitot tube
  • Electric pitch trim
  • Temco new look flat hat shelf and d shaped side windows
  • Shoulder harnesses
  • B&c lightweight starter
  • Gami-jectors
  • Battery relocation
  • Naca airscoop for eyebal vents
  • Green press to test/twist to dim gear light added
  • Vert fin l.e. Doubler.
  • Airframe logbooks since 1947 to 2023
  • Total air frame time 3005 since new
  • Engine logs from new to 2023
  • 2032 tte, 721 smoh and 181 stoh and prop strike teardown.
  • Prop logs since overhaul in 2015
  • 175 spoh

But the prop overhaul time doesn’t mean much, as this airplane was recently landed gear up! The relatively new owner of this airplane had enough time in it to be familier, but not enough to do without the checklist. No gear issues, he just didn’t put them down!

So the damage is to:

  • Both blades of the prop
  • The leading edges of each exhaust pipe
  • Several belly skins, some which simply screw on.
  • The inboard trailing edges of both flaps.

There is no damage to the cowlings, firewall, wings, landing gear, fuselage sides or upper, glass, ailerons, tips or tail feathers. Inside, the seats and dash are in great shape. Control sticks are the way to go on this airplane, for sure! You will notice that the dash has been updated to a modern 6 pack, and all flight instruments are included. Trays are installed, wired and included for modern radios, but the panel units are not included here, and we are not charging you for what the last guy had. Far be it from me to tell you what radios you should have in your new toy! The trays fit a ps engineering audio panel, garmin 430waas, icon digital comm and avidyne/king adsb transponder. These type radios are readily available, now or in the future, from us or others, if you want to go back with similar radios. This airplane, as equipped and presented, is a 1 of 1 airplane! Useable as your sole cross-country capable airplane due to the increased cruise speed and 5 hours of fuel, but also welcome at any fly-in or pancake breakfst, anywhere in the country! This is not a difficult or time-intensive repair. The belly could be patched and prop replaced for a ferry flight, or easily remove the wings leaving the undamaged gear on the center section for trailering.

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