1947 Ercoupe 415-cd airframe, light sport, 2054 tt snew, very light scattered damage, polished, super cute

The Ercoupe is a unique airplane, as recognizable a the v-tailed bonanza, due to it’s dual vertical fin/rudder assemblies.

It’s bubble shaped cabin on a mostly cylindrical fuselage gives it a “mini-fighter” look, or at least an air force trainer, and the effect is magnified on this airplane because of the custom paintjob and graphics!

Polished metal fuselage is shiny and bright! Wings are military trainer yellow, with stars and bars decals top and bottom! The rudders have red and white “flag” stripes on them. The overall look is classy and classic! And the nose art on each side of the cowling, of the 40’s pinup girl with “lil debbie” seperates this airplane into a 1 of 1!

This airplane suffered damage while tied down during a windstorm. The tiedowns held, so the airplane didn’t fly away, but the tail hit the pavement. Damage was done to the bottom of the left rudder and the bottom of the right vertical fin, but neither is destroyed, and the bolt-on tailcone cover is hurt on the bottom. The aft edge of the tailcone is slightly flattened as well, and there is a shallow concave area in the tailcone farther forward from the aft bulkhead, so this area will require a little messaging. Something aparently rolled under the left wing inboard (metal section, as there is a dent there, and there is a slight tear at the inspection plate on the left wing, but the cover is in the plane and appears undamaged, so this may be pre-existing damage. Like wise there is a dent on the right flange of the firewall, (small), but none to the cowling right near it, so it is presumed prior. The fairings on each wing center section look weird to me, but i never saw the airplane before, so i can’t judge. There is no issue with the landing gear, the engine mount is intact and included, as is the exhaust system.

The c-75 engine was properly unbolted and is not included in this listing, so you are free to install an 0-200, which is what this little mini fighter needs!

The red interior is in good shape, all of the glass is good, and the flight and engine instruments are intact.

Install a 75, 85, or 0200 and ding up the few little bent areas, and you will have a fun flyer that will get admiring glances and thumbs up from any group, anywhere!

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