EXPERTLY RESTORED! FORMER COLE BROTHERS AIRSHOW STUNT PLANE! AN AMAZING PIECE OF AVIATION HISTORY!!!Called “the easiest flying airplane in America”, the Waco RNF was popular because of its practical payload, ample passenger room and comfort. Popular with barnstormers and sportsman pilots alike, only 150 RNFs were reportable built during its 1930 and 1931 model years, with an estimated 40 remaining.It a pleasure to offer this wonderfully restored 1930 Waco RNF with only 40 Hours on the engine and airframe! Specially built by Roy Tim for the famous Cole Brothers Airshows, that mesmerized the American Public with death defying aviation stunts during the 1950’s and 60’s. Fitted with a 220Hp 7-Cylinder Continental Engine and Curtis Reed Propeller, Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, IFR Panel, ELT, Transponder, 760 Glide Slope, Power Rear Seat that elevated up and down for added comfort, and a Leather Interior!

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri, United States